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How to Write a Good Article – Four Considerations

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is called, has become a crucial part of writing a good article. If you want your website ranked anywhere near the top of results gathered by a search engine when Internet users search for information relevant to your site or business you will definitely want to keep reading this article to learn the five most important aspects of good article writing, known by our professional SEO Article Writing Service

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to know how to write a good article is to write articles that are informative, educational, and interesting. All too often people write for the search engines and overlook the fact that people search the internet for information. Providing useful information that is easy to read will increase one's website presence and simultaneously increase the business's professionalism and expertise. After all, if the company has dozens, hundreds, or even 1000s of well-written, expert articles on their website, this is a reflection of their professionalism and knowledge.

Consideration two: know your competition. How well you do in the search engine results is a function how much hard work you have put in relation to that of your competition. You want to make sure you work harder and more diligently than those against whom you are competing so keep this in mind when writing your website and article content. Following a few simple rules will help you know how to write a good article, which will provide a distinct advantage over competitors.

The third thing to remember is that ranking is not the end, it’s the means. While a high ranking will certainly help a larger number of people see you and help drive more traffic to your site, it will not insure people actually buy your products or services. The ranking attracts visitors. You must do the rest by selling them on your ideas, which can also be accomplished through writing. However, writing a good article is different than writing good website copy or copywriting. The latter is more sales oriented and the former is more informative.

The fourth consideration in this article is to select relevant keywords. You want your keywords to pertain to the content on your site. After all, if someone is searching for an interior designer and types in keywords such as “interior designers” or “interior design companies”, you want your site and related content to rank high in the listings for your area so that person will find your site, learn about your company, and request your services. It’s all about ranking and relevance and by following these five easy rules, you should be on your way to placing yourself ahead of the competition.

Do not simply start writing articles about subjects and keywords you guess would be effective. Instead, conduct research and plan your articles. Although they are relatively short, a brief outline will help you to stay more focused and organized. By following these 4 tips for writing SEO articles, your marketing efforts will be more effective and result in more sales.

SEO Article Writing: Five Disasters with other Custom SEO Article Writers

Custom SEO articles are in big demand from thousands of people all over the web. This is because businesses have recognized the need for professionally written content on their site. When some businesses hire custom SEO article writing services things don’t always go as planned. Here are five things that can make custom written SEO articles a big mistake.

  1. When you hire an SEO Article Writing Service, you are asking for unique content. Some writers often provide copied content about information from other sites. Maybe there is a lack of information on the web. Maybe the writer was too lazy to rewrite it. Whatever the reason is, it is plagiarism. If you use it and it is on your site then you are the person losing credibility. You cannot put your name on custom SEO articles and then change your mind and say someone else wrote them. No one will believe you.

  1. Some custom written SEO articles are full of errors. You may have requests for content on items that are hard to spell like scientific terms. The SEO article writing service needs to take the time to run a spell checker and verify the terms are proper. If they are not found in the dictionary they have then they need to ask you. Many writers won’t edit their work and they will send it to you. If you don’t notice errors then this may cause you to lose credibility with the online visitors to your business.

  1. Hiring a custom SEO Article Writing Service may be a bad idea because the content may be incorrect. Some writers will produce content that is not factual or even correct. You might want facts but the writer is giving opinion. The facts may be entirely incorrect because the resource they writer used was not valid. This is common and it leaves you looking like you don’t know what you are talking about.

  1. Custom SEO articles do not always contain the right keywords. You might hire the wrong SEO article writing services that promise a top rank in the search engine and a better website rank. However, your site might be pulling up under search terms that have nothing to do with the products and services you offer. This happens all of the time when writers integrate incorrect keywords in content.

  1. It is common for custom written SEO articles to not target the proper audience. A professional writer needs to know the audience you are aiming for and be able to target them. You may be targeting everyone in the world and trying to really go global but the writer provides content for only Americans in Florida. This will be confusing to visitors and cause you to lose a lot of business.